Monday, July 5, 2010


What is an E-Portfolio? An ELECTRONIC Portfolio is organized around standards and contains artifacts that reflect your growth and best professional work. The uniqueness about an e-portfolio is that your artifacts (i.e.: research papers, letters of recommendation, lesson plans etc) can be accompanied by a video clip of you teaching, power-point presentation, or audio clips.

Benefits of the E Portfolio include:
  • Demonstrate technology knowledge and skills-showcase your best work as a professional and demonstrate your knowledge and skill with technology.
  • Facilitate distribution-- e-portfolio's web address can be given or a CD-ROM can be mailed mailed to a prospective principal or superintendent.
  • Store many documents--presentation portfolio allows a reviewer to click and point to artifacts that interest them.
  • Increase Accessibility--allows the reviewer to access the portfolio wherever there is a computer i.e.: on a plane, in the office, conference room or before the interview.

Creation of an Electronic Portfolio:

  • Save artifacts electronically
  • Document experiences electronically

Examples of Pre-service E-Portfolios can be found at:

Examples of In-service Teacher Portfolios can be found at:

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