Monday, July 12, 2010


WARNING!!!!! Podcasts can be VERY addicting! One of the most addicting aspects of podcasts is that they are FREE! Love free stuff!

  • What is a Podcast? A mix between an iPod and a broadcast.
  • Can be downloaded as audio or with video (Vodcast)
  • Each time you synchronize your iPod, you can put the settings to automatically download the latest version of your Podcast

Instructions to downloading a Podcast in iTunes:

  1. Connect to iTunes store
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the iTunes Store page
  3. Select 'podcast'
  4. 'Podcast Quick Links' is located to the right of the page. You can select audio, video, new releases, the iTunes picks, staff favorites etc.
  5. Subject matter for podcasts include: fitness, religious, language learning, news, financial, parenting to name just a few.
  6. Each podcast can last from a couple minutes to more than 1 hour, depending on what you select.
  7. Once you have selected a podcast, you can read about it, then listen to a snip-it before you choose to subscribe to the podcast

Educational podcasts via iTunes:

  • Poem of the day
  • Children's Story Time
  • Science show for Kids: 5 min. audio of science questions being answered
  • ESL Teacher Talk - activities, games, insights
  • Teacher's Lounge: teaching challenges addressed
  • Bookwink: get kids excited about reading a new book
  • Sixty Second Science: entertaining thoughts and provoking science exposed

Other sites for downloading podcasts:

  • news, views, research and resources -- fun ways to incorporate technology into the classroom
  • wild animal chronicles
  • audio recordings of poems of the day
  • The Education Podcast Network - this has it all -- teaches you how to teach with podcasts, different subjects etc.
  • adventures in transformative learning

It really is limitless.... see what I mean about it being addicting?

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